Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an ICO listed?
Email support@monetse.com - All ICO's are manually inspected before being added to our list. Please note, only ICO's with a star rating of 3 or above on ICO Bench will be considered for listing.

How do I become a publisher?
To become a publisher, please email support@monetse.com. Please note that in order to be accepted, you must provide a publicly accessible RSS feed that includes a date, title, short snippet of content & a feature image. There are some exceptions to this such as publishers like CoinDesk.

How do you decide who becomes a publisher?
Contrary to popular belief, publishers are chosen based on the quality of articles written and not the publications popularity. If you'd like to recommend a publication, please email support@monetse.com

Do you store any of my wallet information?
Currently, no. Nothing about your personal wallet information is sent from the app to any external server - if this ever changes to help introduce new features and possibilities for the app, you'll be notified and given the option to opt out. As it stands, your wallet information is saved locally to your phone.

How does voting effect a post?
Each post is given a score, which voting has a direct effect on. Voting up will increase the posts score whilst voting down will reduce it. Posts are ordered based on their score, so you'll always see the most popular posts for that day first.

Do you connect directly to the blockchain?
Not at the moment. We use third party API's for the price and holdings in a wallet. This could change in the future.

Do you write posts yourself?
We're working on it!

How do I sponsor a post?
Currently all advertising deals are dealt with manually. See this page for more information.